About Me

The owner of this blog is Rikki John de Castro and he is from the Philippines. He is a graduating student who wishes to fast forward his  life so he can finish and get out from school in a hope to  skip his thesis and the dreaded compo4.

He created this for two major reasons, first is to enhance his English skills as he realized that English is a very good way  to build a successful future and gain respect from others. So feel free to comment and criticize his work, he will be more than happy to accept it to further improve himself.  But please say it in a nice way and he will greatly appreciate it.

The second major reason  is to share his experience in oDesk wherein he make some extra cash by just working inside their house. It is a nice way to earn money especially for those people who can allot a little bit of their time in this kind of job. This blog mainly focus on how to start your mini career in oDesk and how to build your oDesk experience so you will get more jobs.

REMINDER: This is  not a get to rich website. You need to exert efforts, time and patience here in oDesk if you want to be successful. This could be a Part-Time Job or a Full-Time Job, it really depends upon you.

A quick introduction about author.

RIKKI is. . .

. . .a proud FILIPINO!

. . .an aspiring Network Administrator.

. . .a hardworking Freelancer who wants to earn extra money through a legitimate way.

. . .trying to learn CSS and PHP to create professional looking websites.

. . .preparing to his upcoming thesis. [that’s why he wants to fast forward his  life! haha. :)].

. . .trying to improve my skills in Photoshop and create beautiful and creative graphics.

. . .quite a good artist who likes to draw when bored.

. . .a tech savvy and wants to be always updated with the latest technologies and gadgets.

. . .a person who loves to eat delicious foods together with his girlfriend Nicaea.

. . .a friendly, reliable and and honest friend.

. . .a person who knows what he wants and will do anything to achieved it.

. . .currently working at Mannasoft Technology Corporation as an intern to learn and develop his technical skills.

. . .working part-time for his parents but hates the customer calling in their house (uhmm, very contradictory.. hehe..).


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